We have been selling raw brass findings for a while now and always get asked how to Patina the pieces.  This week we came across a wonderful technique.

Supplies you will need

Brass Metal Piece or Pieces

Craft Paint

Small Foam brush for painting

Ice Resin

1. Prepare your pieces make sure they are free from all oil and dust. You can use a warm soapy water to do this.  Once clean make sure to let them dry completely

2. Paint with any craft paint. You can always apply the paint and then wipe it off to give more of a weathered look or antique looking pieces.

4. Let the paint completely dry.

3. Follow Ice Resin’s directions for mixing. With a small foam brush lightly cover with Ice Resin to seal.

What is great about this is you can use any color you would like and are not limited to just an antiqued or oxidized look of the brass piece.


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You can find many items searching Etsy Street Supplies Team for the color of February. One of my favorite months. My oldest son is a February Baby. Only his isn’t such a baby anymore.

There are many beads, scrapbook supplies and  fabrics only to name a few. What wonder items can you come up with to create for that special someone who’s birthday is in February. Be sure to let us know about all of you ideas.

Pantone a leading company in color for Fashion and Home Design picked Turquoise as the color of the year for 2010.

Pantone describes that color as “Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green” The derives from the gem stone color and has been used for thousands of Years. The name comes from the French word Turkish and means “Turkish Stone”. Turquoise was used in Egyptian jewelry but it was first know use in the English language in 1573.

Many believe that Turquoise has healing powers or powers of protection from harm and when used with copper these powers are increased.

Many people associate Turquoise with the calm feeling of blue green waters, but when put with other colors you can create many different feelings.

Combine turquoise with:

Different shades of Turquoise for the tranquil feel

Pinks and Purples for a sophisticated feminine feel

Coral and Yellow for a fun sporty feel

Black and Silver for a very Elegant Dressy Feel

Earth Tones for a South Western Feel

Blue Green and Warm Orange for a Retro Feel

What other feelings can you create using the beautiful color of Turqoise

Example of Yellow and Turquoise Earrings

Chunky Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Bead Necklace

1. Business cards – You must give your customers a way to contact you after the transaction has been completed. Include a business card in every package. Weather you are at an art faire or selling on line and mailing the package. This is great for repeat business. Include all pertinent information, such as Business name, your name, address, email address and phone numbers – I have always used Vista Prints and love them. I signed up and always wait for there email with free items and get my cards then.

2. Earring Display Cards – I also use Vista Prints for these as well. I use there small sized Postcard . I had a graphic design artist create a design that fits on half of the card. I get two per card and then cut the card in half when it arrives. I keep the design simple and only included the business name on the front and then all the important information on the back – Business name, your name, address, email address and phone numbers.

3. I always supply jewelry gift boxes. At shows and when I send items out in the mail. I do not have them printed, but I do wrap them with ribbon and include a hand made tag with a thank you on the back. I have found many cute tags on Etsy. I use Bags and Bow for all of my boxes and ribbon. They even offer some great eco friendly boxes.

4. If  you are participating in art and craft fairs, you will need some great gift bags to send your customers off with. In the past I have purchase some really cute gift bags from Bags and Bow they were a frosted bag with a design on them. They were small enough for jewelry, but could also double as a gift bag, just add tissue. One year I had customers wanting to just by the bags to wrap there Christmas Gifts in. Need less to say there were a hit. You can also get address label size stickers from Vista Prints and add you business name and website and put them on your bags or the back of your envelopes if you are sending items in the mail.

5. One last thing to consider is to offer Gift Certificates. This is a great way increase sales.Some people are hard to buy for and the client may have the gift of jewelry in mind, but just can not seem to pick the right piece for that person. A Gift certificate is an easy solution.

So, making beautiful designs is only the half of it. Make sure all of your items are consistant with the same design and pick boxes, bags, tags and ribbons that go well with your design.

Blessings for many creative designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great time of year to create crafts. I was thinking about Christmas gifts this morning and about what I could make for my family to keep some of the cost down. I started out with a search on Etsy. I searched for all of out Team members in the wonderful Etsy Supply Street Team that I am part of and came up with so many ideas. You can do the same search by using ESST

I have a neice that is 12 and she would just love one of the new rings that are so popular.

I did a search for the Rings

Then I did a search for cabochons

I now have many ideas, which one will I choose.

For my Aunt – her and her husband live in an area where there community has a wine club every month.  I think she is going to get some wine glass charms. I found these really cute icicle charms that I thought would make really cute wine glass charms.  I am going to add some colored beads to the sides to make each one a little different.

For my Mom – She is hard to buy for. you know one of those people that has everything. But in my search I came up with a wonderful idea. She has a beautiful yard and I came across this wonderful shop that carries Mosaic Tiles (Artful Mosaic Tiles), I think that I will buy up some tiles and have my 2 boys create a stepping stone for her yard. She will love it.

The Etsy Supply Street or for short the ESST Team.  With over 130 members we are sure to cover all of your supply needs for all of the wonderful ideas that you can come up with for your DIY Christmas needs.

You can find many great supplies on Etsy by searching for Esst Team

You can find many great members on the Etsy Supply Street Team Blog

Blessings for many creative ideas and Merry Christmas to ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have become a member  of one of the most wonderful teams on Etsy. The Etsy Supply Street or for short the ESST Team.  With over 130 members we are sure to cover all of your supply needs from the unique and unusual to the very basic.

You can find many great supplies on Etsy by searching for Esst Team

You can find many great members on the Etsy Supply Street Team Blog

Blessings for many creative ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!